Breakthrough Shipper Case Study


How One Large Packaging Supplier Recognizes Deviation from Plan and Avoids Overpaying Carrier

Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence






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A large North American packaging supplier using Breakthrough’s Network Intelligence service recently recognized three lanes tendered to intermodal carriers in their RFP were instead being moved via truckload. Network Intelligence, an agile contract freight procurement & management tool, identified the noncompliance by monitoring the supplier’s transportation network data against price, performance, and commitment expectations for each contract. After the opportunity was flagged by the Breakthrough team in their weekly readout, the supplier was able to contact their facilities to confirm shipment volume supported intermodal transportation instead of truckload.

Network Intelligence offered the supplier data-informed evidence to communicate and renegotiate with the primary intermodal carrier on the contract terms. If the carrier was unwilling to deliver on expectations, the supplier has access to alternative best-fit carriers on the lanes they need capacity through Network Intelligence.

Transportation networks can be difficult to manage effectively, but with Network Intelligence many of the world’s leading shippers can monitor network performance to uncover strategic opportunities, receive recommendations for immediate action with their network, and manage carrier and lane compliance and financial performance to plan—all in one platform.