Manage Network Performance

Manage key performance areas and their associated opportunities, including high volume lanes, carrier and lane compliance, and financial performance to plan.


One Platform for Breakthrough Products

Breakthrough products are delivered in the FELIX platform, enabling shippers to revolutionize their approach to maintaining contract freight networks and build their competitive advantage all in one spot. Request a demo to learn how you can join the ranks of some of the world's premier supply chains utilizing the Breakthrough product suite.

A Transportation Platform Built for Shippers

FELIX stands for the things that matter most in your transportation network – Freight, Energy, Load, Information, and experience. This individualized, shipper-focused transportation platform delivers various products that reduce transportation costs, improve service levels, and decarbonize transportation.

Revolutionize the way you build and execute freight strategies. FELIX continuously monitors your network performance and recommends action to address the root cause of disruptions. The platform keeps you in control of carrier partnerships, strengthens the health of your network, and empowers data-driven decision making.

Build a Better Network

Shippers using FELIX reduce their reliance on short-term spot market solutions to haul their freight. The platform provides smart recommendations based on real-time market information to guide your strategy and ensure you mitigate capacity disruptions at their source. Building better contract freight agreements with FELIX results in three key benefits:

Reduced Cost

Data shows that contract freight rates remain more stable than the spot market through times of disruption. Rather than resorting to the spot market, FELIX helps shippers re-contract non-compliant capacity, eliminating the premiums paid for ad hoc capacity.

Optimized Network

Networks are optimized when best-fit partners are aligned. FELIX looks beyond a single shipper’s data to the broader freight ecosystem to identify mutually beneficial freight alignments between shippers and carriers.

Stronger Partnerships

Successful freight contracts depend on more than just bottom-line prices. Shippers and carriers experience better cost and service outcomes when the right capacity is contracted for the right freight, and when those partnerships are maintained over time.

The Power of The Felix Ecosystem of Data

Gone are the days of relying on static, outdated datasets to create your annual sourcing strategy. FELIX combines shipper and carrier data from across North America to identify how overarching freight markets affect your network.