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Components of a Successful Private Fleet Fuel Management Strategy

Jenny Vander Zanden


Jenny Vander Zanden
February 27, 2018


Three Reasons to Adopt Private Fleet Fuel Management

Choosing to implement a private fleet fuel management strategy is a decision that will save your organization valuable time and instantaneously affects your bottom line. A private fleet fuel management solution enables your internal team to focus on operationalizing fleets, while industry experts navigate fuel provider discounts, optimize your program, and perform continued analysis. It’s a win-win.

Deciding to enter into a private fleet fuel management partnership is the first step, but finding the right partner that will provide your organization with the most successful strategy is imperative to facilitating an effective private fleet. Not all partners are created equal, and recognizing the components involved in driving an effective private fleet fuel management strategy is crucial for success. The Breakthrough private fleet fuel management solution offers industry-leading, data-driven strategies that are both intuitive to your specific private fleet network and privy to the details of the wider diesel fuel marketplace.

What components ensure your organization enacts a successful private fleet fuel management strategy?

Optimization based on Geography

The best fuel card discounts your organization can capitalize on are the ones where your drivers will have consistent access. This is where analyzing the balance between steeper discounts and prevalence of these fueling locations in your network becomes essential to the success of a fuel management strategy and ultimately your bottom line.

Breakthrough has access to industry data and brings visibility to your network data helping us identify fuel providers that your drivers have the most access to along your shipping lanes. We look at the specific regions—down to the lane level–where a fleet is operating, and hand pick the stations along those routes. From here it is easy to identify a fuel provider that has high density in these areas. We are then able to secure discounts in suitable geographies on your behalf.

Actionable Data Reporting

Private fleet fuel card data is generally very standardized across the industry, and customization is rigid, coming at an additional fee. The drawback of using traditional data reporting is that it becomes difficult to glean actionable insights that drive value when looking at a set of raw data. Private fleet managers simply do not have the time and resources to dig up new initiatives. Finding a partner that provides customizable, insightful, and ultimately actionable reporting metrics becomes a cornerstone to make your private fleet fuel management program valuable. Breakthrough analyzes and reports your existing fuel card raw data in a user-friendly format that allows you to enforce driver compliance, report financial savings, and generate results.

Regular Cadence of Network Analysis

Like any successful management program, real value comes from finding deeper discounts and savings initiatives. Savvy private fleet managers know that a one-time savings diagnosis will not give insight into the full scope of potential for their program. Continuous improvement comes from establishing a regular cadence of network analysis. This analysis will unearth opportunity to negotiate deeper discounts, identify better alternatives to increase driver compliance, and ultimately increase your fuel spend savings.

Partners Who Work on Your Behalf

Find a partner that immerses themselves in your private fleet, becoming an extension of your team. Shippers need experts that understand the industry, but more importantly who understand what aspects of their fleets make them unique. Breakthrough is a trusted industry expert that has a proven track record of providing fairness and accuracy in fuel reimbursements, generating savings in private fleets, and bringing visibility to shippers’ transportation data.

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