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Annual Client Product Team Challenge

Kathryn Pritzl


Kathryn Pritzl
February 1, 2018


We are purpose driven. We move markets. We deliver value.

These are the tenets that Breakthrough has believed in since the beginning, and to this day we continue to extend these values beyond our clients to our local Green Bay, WI community. Our efforts positively affect over 20 organizations throughout the year, helping families, education, the arts, and our environment. Successful businesses are rooted in successful communities. We understand the necessity of having active and integral partners working towards the same goal to facilitate the development and prosperity of our city.

We are proud to work with a client base that helps families across the nation every day by providing essential products that make their lives better. Our way of recognizing their contribution is to share the love in our own neighborhood.

Every year, Breakthrough hosts a Client Product Team Challenge. Shortly after the holidays—when the shelves at food pantries are typically at their lowest stock—Breakthrough mobilizes all team members in a friendly, yet competitive, competition to purchase as many client products as possible. These food and hygiene products are collected and donated to a local Downtown Green Bay food pantry—The Dorothy A. Rosenberg Good Will Place Food Pantry

“The point is to deliver the most value to those in need by challenging teams to find ways to get the biggest bang for their buck,” says Kim Larsen, Manager of Culture at Breakthrough. “We specifically tailor the list of items the pantry needs every year so we can ensure that needs are being met.”

The day is filled with team spirit, a little creativity, and a lot of Breakthrough® hype. An intricate points system, adhering to an extensive list of game rules, is used to determine a winner. Categories such as “most team spirit” and “best team video” motivate team members to not only participate, but to do so enthusiastically. All the fun, however, points toward one goal—which team can contribute the most benefit to real people in need.

“It is always fun to watch our team rally together this time of year,” says Larsen. “Teams get very competitive, and what that says to me about the culture we have created here is that we live out our values.”

“Everyone here is smart, passionate, and edgy both in the work we do for our clients, and in our commitment to the community.”

Over the course of the challenge’s lifetime, Breakthrough® has donated over $40,000 worth of products. In 2018, teams collectively purchased and donated over 16,000 products to those in need. We look forward to continuing our tradition and helping to address critical needs in our community!

Thank you to our community partners, clients, and team members for working together to make change real in the Green Bay community.

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